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The Masters of Digital Story

My name is Matthew Eva & I am the founder of Masters of Digital. Here is a little backstory of the work I have done and what drove me to start Masters of Digital.

For over 10 years I have been marketing businesses and working along side them to grow their sales and leads. I embarked on a career in IT as I had always had a passion for technology since a young age, in fact I remember building my first website back in 2003. It may have only been 2 pages and little did I know it was the start of my career.

I have worked in roles of Web & IT at many companies such as Telstra, EnergyWatch and FreedomSEO. I had an in-house marketing & web development position at an architectural home company called Destination Living for 4 and a half years. During my time there I was able to create new and exciting online strategies that increased the website traffic, brand awareness and sales leads to numbers that had never been seen before.

Looking back at my experience of working at marketing companies it dawned upon me that most of them are only interested in one thing, signing new clients to increase cash-flow. It doesn’t sound silly at all but their business model goes a little something like this “You need to be on board for 6 months before you see results”. If they sign 10 clients each month at $1000 they have just secured $60,000 of revenue. It doesn’t matter if one or two clients drop off per month as long as they keep signing the 10. Great model for the marketing companies but not much focus is on the success of the client.

The idea they sell clients is getting them on page one of Google for a keyword, regardless of how a clients website looks, how their product or service is presented and whether or not it would generate any leads, as long as the job of page for one a keyword is complete, the responsibility is then on the client if something is preventing customers from purchasing or inquiring.

A Lead Generating Website doesn’t need to be expensive, it needs to be effective.

Seeing the dysfunction of this model gave me the idea to start Masters of Digital. Imagine a company who will design and develop the website with the target audience and marketing in mind, ensuring that every product or service is presented in the best possible way to guarantee that it will convert leads and sales. Then they will take it to market, drive traffic and take responsibility for ensuring it generates the leads and sales as per the clients targets. Presto! you have the Master of Digital lead generation service.

I personally work along side all my clients and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When a client calls Masters of Digital to book a meeting, to discuss targets and growth or even just someone to bounce ideas off, I will pick up the phone and be there to support your business. I get a real kick out of helping businesses grow and with my personalised approach I market every business as if it was my own. Masters of Digital have many raving clients who are now hitting their targets and going beyond.

My business is about helping you grow your business. If you would like to discuss your business feel free to contact me today on 0423 807 424.

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