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Califam Constructions

Melbourne, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Melbourne

A custom designed website for a local Construction company with unique technology & techniques.

Califam Constructions Website

The Clients Brief

Califam Constructions originally contacted Masters of Digital because their website had gone down. We then retrieved the website and managed to get it back up and live again, however it was quite outdated and not everything functioned properly, not to mention it was not mobile responsive. After we pointed out everything that was wrong and not working, they decided to go ahead and get a new website designed through us.

Califam explained they wanted their new website design to reflect their logo and branding colours whilst paying homage to the companies origins, did not want a contact form as most of their clients were city councils, but just a number customers could call. They also wanted to be able to display their current projects, their recently completed projects, any job opening they had, and most importantly, they wanted to be able to clearly demonstrate services and capabilities they offered.

How We Helped

Having enough information and material to go by, we started designing their new website. We kept a clean and simple layout, with subtle greens and blues used throughout. We then created a services menu located in the middle of the homepage with clear and bold titles, so each service they offer is clearly seen and hard to miss. Every photo used throughout the website is their actual work.

Califam also requested all their accreditations, certifications and memberships be displayed on the footer, so we had to design a custom footer in order to incorporate all of the requested information clearly. They requested a page-like transition between rows on pages and animated sliding photos of their work. This was implemented throughout every page but Home, Projects, and Contact Us.

When they were presented with the first draft, they loved the design, and when they were able to clearly visualise their new site, they were also able to provide us with further photos and content for each specific section of the website, along with the current positions available within their company, so we could populate their job listings. We then started building their portfolio system, and created categories for current projects and completed projects.

Califam then sent through projects and their respective information so we could piece it all together and categorise each project properly.

Before launch, we mobile optimised the website for every resolution, making sure every element is responsive and presents well.

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