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Fulla Plumbing

Melbourne, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Melbourne

A custom designed small business website package for a local Melbourne plumbing business with professionalism and experience.

Fulla Plumbing Website Melbourne 2

The Clients Brief

Luke from Fulla Plumbing contacted Masters of Digital wanting a very precise end goal. After he thoroughly explained how he had previously engaged different marketing companies who despite designing two websites and months of marketing, had no success and failed, giving him no leads. We worked together to understand exactly how Luke wanted the website to look and feel, the type of jobs that he wanted, and locations he would service.

Based off the information we had, we decided to include on the homepage a “why choose us” section, where potential customers could see the benefits of choosing Fulla Plumbing over another business, and we also made sure the new website would be well optimised and ready for marketing, as Luke also decided to partner with Masters of Digital for marketing strategy and lead generation services.

How We Helped

We commenced building the website, and getting the design exactly how Luke described. A simple and clean website with white and blue accents, where customers could see all of Luke’s services at a glance, with other customers’ reviews and any licenses and guarantees Fulla Plumbing had to offer. We made sure the areas he services were listed on the homepage, along with a service area map, so customers can’t miss it.

An online form was also incorporated on the homepage, in case customers wanted to get in touch with Luke, all they would have to do is fill the form with any enquiry they might have, and Luke can get in touch with them.

One of Luke’s mentions was to keep the layout simple and the same across the entire website, so every page we created had exactly the same layout, so customers would be familiar with where each piece of information was throughout the entire website.

Luke also decided to take on our suburb landing page marketing strategy, so we created a location menu where each suburb he services is listed, with relevant information about his services for that specific suburb.

The website was launched, and within the first month of marketing he got several leads and signed a few large projects. With a stable flow of leads and successfully getting jobs across the line we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Luke is a fantastic client to work alongside who takes a lot of pride in his plumbing work, and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a plumber in Melbourne.

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