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JKR Building and Construction

Melbourne, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Geelong

A custom designed website for a local Melbourne building and construction business with a high level of finishes and attention to detail.

JKR Building and Construction Website 2

The Clients Brief

JKR Building and Construction reached out to Masters of Digital wanting to create a presence online. Not only that, Jaryd was also wanting to partner with the right company for marketing strategy. He wanted his new website to reflect his workmanship, where customers could see photos of his actual work, unlike other companies out there who use stock images. We spoke about the possibility of using a homepage slider where photos could be displayed on a loop, and also making sure potential customers could tell from the get-go what his services entailed.

Jaryd also wanted customers to be able to fill in their details and specifications of what they wanted made right on the website, and Jaryd could get in touch with them already knowing what they were after, and being able to correctly estimate a project.

How We Helped

During the design stage of the website, we used Jaryd’s logo colour scheme subtly throughout the website, incorporated his business social links on the footer, and kept the overall length of the pages relatively short and to the point, so customers don’t loose attention and click away.

Jaryd liked how the website was shaping up, and agreed with having a call to action on every page to maximise leads. We’ve also decided to add a “why choose us” section, where customers could clearly see all the benefits and assurances of choosing JKR Building and Construction. A portfolio system was also added to the website, where clients could see all his previous works and judge the quality and craftmanship for themselves.

a Facebook live feed was also incorporated in the main menu section, called “News”, where clients and customers could see what he is currently working on, and whether there’s something that he’s previously done they would like done to their homes.

Once website was launched, Jaryd was very happy with the overall result, and decided to stick with Masters of Digital for marketing strategy.

We designed his website to reflect the quality of his work and ensured that it is best presented to his target market in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are actively helping JKR Building and Construction to generate more leads for his business everyday and enjoy working along side him to help is business grow.

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