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Luca Miraglia Foundation

Melbourne, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Melbourne

An image-rich small website designed for a local Melbourne kidney foundation.

Luca Miraglia Website Melbourne 2

The Clients Brief

The Luca Miraglia Foundation contacted Masters of Digital for a website design quote as they were planning to have a website. After having spoken with Lisa Miraglia, we found out they had raised money for the “Big Red Kidney Walk”, we decided to do the entire project free of charge, due to having family relatives who had been fighting kidney problems for many years, so it was a close to heart project for us.

We spoke about what the website entailed, and we suggested how all of the information they provided should be laid out, as they had so much of the story to tell.

How We Helped

We started laying out the foundations for the website, and kept the website’s colours clear and simple, so the website presented clean. we also kept in contact with Imogen Wood from Sapling Consulting throughout the project, and incorporated as many images as possible alongside Luca’s story, so awareness can be spread along communities. We set up a custom donation page with selectable amounts as well as the possibility of a custom amount to be entered.

We also set up a news & events system, where Lisa could create events and post news about Luca, so people who are interested can be kept up to date, and attend the events.

Overall, we delivered a clean, informative, and image-rich website that tells Luca’s story, a brave little boy and his journey.

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