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Smart Artist Memorabilia

Victoria, Australia
Project Type: Website Design Melbourne

A custom designed website for a local Geelong memorabilia business.

Smart Artist Memorabilia Geelong Website

The Clients Brief

Smart Artist Memorabilia reached out to Masters of Digital, wanting a website where he would be able to sell concerts & bands posters. He explained how back in his days he used to love going to concerts and listening to his favourite bands, and how he relives that moment just by looking at a poster. He wanted other people to be able to remember the good old days as well, just by having a poster or two of their favourite bands.

He explained what differentiates his business to other similar businesses out there, and how everything he sells comes either framed or not, depending on what customers choose, and is of the highest quality print.

How We Helped

Having all the necessary information, we began building the website. Mike explained how he wanted customers to know he shipped worldwide without having to find out at checkout for shipping options, wanted a product search bar to be visible and easy to find and advertise his flat rate shipping cost Australia wide, and how he wanted all of this to be displayed at the top of his homepage. He also wanted to have the option for customers to choose a shown currency as he shipped worldwide.

Since Mike had chosen a custom header option during his website quote, we were able to incorporate all of the information above on the homepage’s header without problems. We custom built it to have a currency selector at the top left, search bar on the right, a home and a shop page on the left, centered logo, and his three main selling points right below the logo. We also built and incorporated on the homepage a best selling section, where posters that sell the most get automatically shown, and a custom designed menu tile system in the middle of the homepage so customers can find what they’re looking for without having to scroll all the way up.

Mike also mentioned he wanted to be able to display any new poster that he adds to the website, so we created a recently added products carousel and put it on the homepage, along with 4 main selling points Smart Artist Memorabilia offers.

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