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Melbourne, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Melbourne
FireBarbie Website Melbourne

The Clients Brief

Troy from FireBarbie got in touch with Masters of Digital wanting a website which felt interactive and had lots of customisation incorporated throughout the entire website. He explained how he had an idea of creating and selling an all-made-in-Australia barbeque which was like no other BBQ on the market. A single BBQ capable of doing grill, smoke, barbeque, fry, roast, low and slow cooker and a firepit, and most of all, it’s portable.

We were really interested in this product as we do tend to use barbeques quite often ourselves, and so we thought it would be an interesting project to take on.

Troy wanted a new website that truly reflected the uniqueness of his product, along with subtle fire flames spread throughout the entire website, and the chance of having a video on the homepage where customers would be able to see his product in action.

He wanted customers to see and read exactly what they were getting with this unique BBQ kit.

How We Helped

We started working on the website using colours which resemble a fire, as requested by Troy. We’ve also created a full custom slider on the homepage with animated fonts and slides, and used photos of the product so customers could see right away what kind of barbeque they are looking at. We also created a GIF image and used it on the homepage showcasing all the different accessories FireBarbie comes with, and also incorporated a picture slider for each individual accessory mentioning it does come included with the BBQ, for clarity.

Troy had a professional video he wanted to use on his website, so we’ve incorporated it on the homepage, where customers can choose to play it. We also created a custom element beneath the video, where each piece of the FireBarbie has an interactive red dot. If clicked, this dot will reveal information about the specific item, this way customers can get to know the product in depth, and builds trust with potential sales.

FireBarbie also wanted a way to get in touch with potential and existing customers, to position his brand in front of them again, and we decided to do a monthly mailout where Troy can send recipes and any news & updates for the product. Troy also mentioned he wanted a page where most of the standard questions customers might have about the product could be answered, and so we created a FAQ page, where customers can get an answer by clicking on a specific question.

Troy loved how his website looked & presented, and not long after launch, he started seeing sales.

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