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Power Plumbing Plus

Melbourne, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Melbourne
Power Plumbing Plus Website

The Clients Brief

Power Plumbing Plus wanted a website that truly reflected their brand, experience and knowledge. As part of their brief, they wanted to make sure every service they offered was easy to find, and clearly sub-categorised on the main menu. As they offered 24/7 emergency services, they also opted for custom iconography in order to clearly show & state it throughout the website.

Power Plumbing Plus had goals to maximise customers awareness to every service they offered, and making sure any of those services would be one click away.

How We Helped

We began with a website planning session and spent a whole day with Grant. We brought along a laptop, and together we sat down and got into every little detail on how the plumbing industry operates, what differentiates Power Plumbing Plus from the rest, the type of clients who reach out to them, the undercutters, and how we could make customers aware of the importance of choosing the right company.

Next, we wireframed the website, and presented a few concepts, ensuring that all the information from the planning meeting was incorporated into the design and structure of their new website. We explained how every concept was laid out and why it was laid out that way, and which would be better from a customer’s point of view, and most importantly, so Power Plumbing Plus knew exactly how their new website would present before we started developing it. Content plans were created to satisfy both Google and their customers.

During development, we created sections of the website dedicated to each service they offered, and then created sub-menu pages, breaking down each of their service into specific sections of a service. all while being templated on a flexible system that allowed them to easily manage their own website.

A Contact form was also introduced for non-urgent services Power Plumbing Plus provided, so customers could get quotes on any service offered.

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