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Geelong, Victoria
Project Type: Website Design Geelong

The Clients Brief

Slumberworld wanted a new website that truly reflected their brand and was easy to manage in-house. As part of their brief, they wanted to be heavily involved with the design process to ensure they have input into the final design and presentation.

Slumberworld had goals to maximise customers submitting online queries and coming into their showroom. They also wanted customers to see each mattress and furniture piece on the website. A flexible layout needed to be created to fit all the various product types as many had different selling points.

How We Helped

We began with a website planning session and spent the whole day with Jan from Slumberworld and her Son Chris. We brought a whiteboard along, and they shared enormous amounts of information about their brand, the mattress industry, the type of clients who purchase their products, the undercutters of the industry with low-quality products and how we can make customers aware of the importance of mattress quality.

Next, we wireframed the website, ensuring that all the information from the planning meeting was incorporated into the design and structure of their new website. Content plans were created to satisfy both Google and their customers. We also created concepts, so Slumberwold knew exactly how their new website would present before we started developing it.

During development, we created sections of the website dedicated to mattresses, furniture, and speciality products, all while being templated on a flexible system that allowed them to easily manage their own website.

There were concerns that some customers would not be aware of what type of mattress they required, so we came up with a quiz system on the homepage that allows a customer to find the mattresses suitable to them in a few clicks.

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