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The Top Australian Websites Using WordPress

The Top Australian Websites Using WordPress

It’s interesting how many businesses in Australia are using WordPress as their preferred choice of website CMS (Content Management System), and being incredibly flexible how can you blame them?

Quite often I hear “But isn’t WordPress only used for blogs” or “WordPress isn’t a proper website“.

To set the record straight WordPress is an extremely scalable CMS. Moreover, you might be surprised by some of the large and well known Australian businesses using WordPress.

Wikipedia states that WordPress is used by 63.4% of all the websites whose content management system is known in the world.

Without further delay, Here is the list we have put together. Please note they are in no particular order:

1. Arnott’s Biscuits

Arnotts Biscuits Website Design

Arnott’s Biscuits are an Australian icon, and you might be surprised to know that their website is running WordPress!

I guess updating content and development is as easy as braking a scotch finger in half… (My apologies, most of my clients will know I have bad jokes ?)

Their website features WordPress plugins such as All In One SEO pack and Ubermenu.

> View the Arnotts Website:

2. Herald Sun

Herald Sun Website Design

It would only make sense that one of Australia’s largest news outlets are using the worlds most common news and blogging platform.

Out of the box WordPress supports multiple users, authors, editors and user groups. It’s quite easy to see how a system like this would appeal to journalists and reporters.

The Herald Sun website is using the VIP WordPress theme and managed hosting.

> View the Herald Sun website:

3. IGA Supermarkets

IGA Website Design in WordPress

It seems like IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia) have made the switch to WordPress.

A company who turned over a whopping 14.12 billion of revenue in 2017.

The online store is running WooCommerce, Our favorite E-Commerece system for its easy to use product and order managment.

Inspecting there page source shows the IGA website is using WooCommerce and Visual Composer.

> View the IGA website:

4. SPC


SPC Website Design WordPress

Another Australian icon, SPC has chosen WordPress for their website design.

The design of the website is one of my favourites. It’s clean, highly responsive, easy to navigate and just the right amount well-placed images.

> View the SPC website:

5. Red Rooster

Red Rooster WordPress Website Design


Red Rooster loves chicken, and apparently WordPress too!

Peeling back the layers of the website I can see they are using WP Engine for hosting and content delivery.

Unfortunately, I cannot see any SEO plugins. After some investigation, they don’t appear on the First page of Google for “takeaway chicken” or “delivered chicken”. Maybe I should send them an email?

> View the Red Rooster website:

6. AGL Solar

AGL Solar WordPress Website Design

This is another website I really enjoy the design and ease of use. Well done AGL.

AGL Solar is using the Yoast SEO plugin, LivePerson customer messaging tools and Outbrain.

> View the AGL Solar website:

7. Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers WordPress Website Design

The Brown Brothers Website using the Yoast SEO plugin, Cloudfare content delivery network, Hotjar visitor recording and Jetpack

> View the Brown Brothers website:

8. The Australian

The Australian WordPress Website


It’s no surprise that another large news outlet, The Australian, is also using WordPress as their website CMS.

For those not aware The Australian and The Herald Sun are owned by News Corp Australia.

Just like the Herald Sun they are also using the VIP WordPress theme and managed hosting service.

Plugins and Extensions: Jetpack and the page source refers to bbpress premium themes.

> View The Australian website:

9. Tip Top

Tip Top Bread WordPress Website


Remember the Tip Top jingle? “Good on ya mum, WordPress is the one”, wait, I don’t think that’s how it goes?

The Tip Top website takes the clean design to a whole new level, with the homepage consisting of one main image and a menu.

This website is built from the WordPress Bridge theme which uses the ever popular WP Bakery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer).

Plugins show Contact Form 7 and Slider Revolution.

Again I could not see any SEO plugins and here is the result of how a website with no meta description is presented in Google:
Tip Top Bread Search Result Google

I have had many debates with marketing teams about why SEO is a must for any brand.

> View The Tip Top website:

10. Jims

Jims WordPress Website Design


Who doesn’t know of the Jim’s franchise… Jim’s Mowing, Jim’s Antennas and maybe one day… Jim’s WordPress Websites?

I did not check all of the individual websites. However, and are also running WordPress.

I don’t know if they are using it, but WordPress actually has a function called MultiSite that allows one primary website to manage multiple child websites, a great management tool for say a franchise.

The Jims website is built from the Enfold WordPress theme.

For Plugins, they are using the ever-popular Yoast SEO plugin.

> View The Jims website:

11. Fox Sports

Fox Sports WordPress Website


Fox Sports is also owned by News Corp Australia, just like The Australian and The Herald Sun.

The setup is similar to the other websites by News Corp Australia.

> View The Fox Sports website:

12. Stanwell Corporation

Stanwell WordPress Website

Stanwell Corporation is a Queensland government-owned corporation and is the state’s largest electricity generator.

According to Wikipedia their Net income is $12 Million and Total Equity is $610 Million.

Their brand is represented by a WordPress website.

Website Hosting and Content Delivery is through WP Engine.

The only plugin I could see was Yoast SEO.

> View The Stanwell website:

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