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Fix: Visual Composer Not Loading After WordPress Update

Fix: Visual Composer Not Loading After WordPress Update

A common problem that I have seen with clients websites is that after a updating WordPress to 4.5 of higher visual composer stops loading.



Debugging the issue via your favorite browsers Inspect Element feature will likely show the following JavaScript error “Uncaught TypeError: $template.get is not a function”



Fortunately thanks to Amritosh on the WordPress forums there is a fix for this. First you will need edit the following file in your preferred text editor: /wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/js/backend/composer-view.js


Location the function

html2element: function ( html ) {
			var attributes = {},
			if ( _.isString( html ) ) {
				this.template = _.template( html );
				$template = $( this.template( this.model.toJSON(), vc.templateOptions.default ).trim() );
			} else {
				this.template = html;
				$template = html;
			_.each( $template.get( 0 ).attributes, function ( attr ) {
				attributes[ ] = attr.value;
			} );
			this.$el.attr( attributes ).html( $template.html() );


And replace it with the following:

html2element: function(html) {
            var $template, attributes = {},
                template = html;
            $template = $(template(this.model.toJSON()).trim()), _.each($template.get(0).attributes, function(attr) {
                attributes[] = attr.value
            }), this.$el.attr(attributes).html($template.html()), this.setContent(), this.renderContent()

Presto! Your Visual Composer should now be loading again.

PS: Remember to clear the cache if you are using any cache plugins
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