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Google Christmas – The Festive Search Engine Secret

Google Christmas – The Festive Search Engine Secret

Does Google celebrate Christmas? It’s no secret that Google loves celebrating our favorite holidays, events and festivities. If you try typing the search term “Christmas Day” into Google you will notice a very festive and graphical header background with animated snow falling.

The search result also features some rich snippets of information such as an overview on the right hand side taken from Wikipedia and a date reminder that this year (2018) Christmas falls on the 25th of December in Australia.

searching google for christmas

I wanted to see what triggered the header & menu background. It doesn’t actually appear for every search term. As an SEO Specialist I was compelled to run a few quick tests to see just how far these festive backgrounds go.  I searched the term “Christmas” and just like “Christmas Day” the festive header appeared.

In the search marketing world there are many variants of search phrases that people use, so I tried a very common variant to see if it triggered the graphic, “xmas”.

Searching google for xmas

Even the Xmas variant worked, I tried something different and search for “easter” to see if there was any festive graphic.

Searching Google for Easter

Sorry folks, it seems we need to wait until April for this one.

How many people search for Christmas on Google?

Here is some trivia, in Australia, the most commonly searched Christmas phrase was “12 days of Christmas”, with an average of 9,900 monthly searches.

Below are a few more search terms we tested to how many people search for those terms each month. The numbers are represented in average monthly searches and are not very accurate. The reason being is the average is calculated over the last 12 months. The graphs next to the numbers represent search volume by month, and most people will start searching for Christmas related terms in December and the low search throughout the rest of the year drop the average down.

Christmas Keywords Search Volumes

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas From myself the and rest of the Masters of Digital team we hope you all enjoy your holiday break.

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